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The event

Established in 2004, the French Open Skiff Trophy is the first event of the French skiff season. Since 2010, the race became inevitable as it has been enriched with an emphasis on coaching and training, and so manages to bring together the community of skiffthusiast whether beginners or experts. The event brings together all levels of competitors from all over France and neighbouring countries. 






 The environment of Lac du Der

The "Lac du Der" is the largest artificial lake in France. It is easily accessible from anywhere in France and neighbouring countries so the lake is perfectly suited to gather the entire skiff community. For family, the environment near the lake offers a large range of activities from discovering the fauna and flora to winte tasting in the cellars of Champagne. This makes the location perfect for a combination of sailing and being away from urban madness.


Central infrastructure

The UFOLEP Center offers an appropriate infrastructure to "all inclusive" events like this. The location unity between the racing and the "social", the fact that all competitors are hosted in the same place and take meals together is definitively a major advantage. No more accommodation to find and rent, no restaurant to book! (of course, all the other options are avalable as well). All logistics are reduced to its simplest expression. Therefore, this regatta clearly looks like holidays in the contryside!



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