Those who know him will appreciate that Luca had very definite ideas about what he wanted when he approached me to design a hull for the new Devoti single handed project. He wanted something light, fast and "sexy" with impeccable handling. He was most emphatic that it shoud be capable of being sailed hard in strong winds like his beloved Finn. Luca also insisted that the hull should be reasonably stable and be capable of being carried on a car roof; hence the removable sitting out "wings" with their comfortable ergonomic profile derived from many years of Finn sailing. All these requirements plus the rig and daggerboard requirements pretty well determined the overall size and weight of the hull.
For my part I had to use my experience to produce a fine easily driven hull shape which would give a smooth performance envelope across the wind range with a lively but manageable "feel". The kind of boat that an experienced sailor will enjoy "encouraging" and "coaxing" over the waves, not a "point and go" boat. Consequently the hull shape is not extreme but rather a blend of modern ideas with more traditional values.
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