With D-One, 29er, ISO and Vareo classes together in the Slow Handicap, Ben FALAT had an impressive overnight provisional posting of four straight firsts, until that is, he pointed out to the organisers a probable error in 29er handicap being inserted the same as 49er; this was only rectified after completion of all sailing when results produced a tie between this Belgian 29er and Ben's D-One, which on countback went to Dan Vandermal and Ben Selis in their 29er;  Vareo of Nick Crickmore was 3rd (Nick was soooo impressed with the D-One that he's already booked flights to Alassio ...... before even arranging for a charter-boat !).  Vanessa also tested her body in the D-One completing two early races.  Other fleets included separately Musto Skiffs(12) and RS500s(13) sailing outer-loop and Fast Handicap (49er(13) & RS800) like the described Slow Handicap on inner-loop;  there were some 50 boats.


bruinisse beach


This venue is very worth considering for future D-One events; accessibile to Europeans and GBR (StenaLine(Harwich) offered car + 2 + double trailer for £106 return !), for the local sailing school accommodation (dormitory of 12 x 4 beds, at €15[£12] per night) or holiday park flatlets, and of course the sailing area described above. The Skiff-Benelux series of some 6 open water venues specifically chosen for their uppy/downy course potential will next year again include Bruinisse late in the season and perhaps Lac du Der, France or Lac de la Foret d'Orient (both really close to each other), early, both of which are particularly recommended; look out for 2015-news on .

Bruinisse Yacht-Harbour Launching-Beach

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