biel croppedThank you to everyone who sailed and organised events in 2019

We had a very multi-national Gold Cup in France, with a great deal of wind to start, and then a lot less. The French lost at 'boules' to the Italian-Czech team, which amused everyone else, but put on on a great event with much champagne. 

The Italian Nationals at beautiful Rapallo allowed a great group of new Italian sailors to find out much fun a D-One can be in a tempest, while the British fleet travelled to South Shields for some equally awesome, if rather terrifying, big wave sailing in the North Sea. The Austrian fleet continued to grow and enjoyed close racing on their beautiful lakes.

The European Championships in Switzerland ended the season wonderfully hosted in a stunning location, and maybe the light winds were overdue for the fleet to enjoy some more peaceful sailing. 

We are delighted to unite the growing British, French and Swiss fleets with a continuing strength in Austria, Italy and the Czech Republic, as well as our very good friends travelling from Hungary, Belgium and occasionally Germany. It is now likely that every major D-One event will have visitors from many European countries, and it was wonderful to join such a friendly circuit in such great places. here is the Calendar for 2020 ( see sidebar --->> )

We have put together a fantastic set of events for 2020. We have ensured that they do not clash dates, and there are some very tempting possibe groups of dates for those who fancy a proper holiday around their sailing. Click 'Read More' for details of the 2020 circuit of events:

PalamosThe main events are the European Championships at Palamos in Spain at the end of April, and the Gold Cup in the D-One homeland of Lake Lipno in the  Czech Republic in early September. 

Palamos is a new destination for us, and is a world-famous open sea regatta venue, with racing run from the ever-helpful club in the centre of a very attractive town and beach. Located 100km North of Barcelona on a large Mediterranean bay, it is easily accessible for everyone in southern Europe, and should attract those from the colder areas as an excellent venue for an early season warm weather regatta with, we hope, lots of sun, wind and waves.

Lipno in western Czechia has always made us very welcome indeed in the past, and we are delighted to return. The huge lake is set in a beautiful rural setting, with winds of all directions and strengths, and the race management has always been excellent. We are hoping for a great turnout from the Czech fleet, headed of course by Viktor Teply and his Laser friends, and also for a strong turnout from the Austrian fleets close by. Only 30km from both Germany and Austria, the local area also offers the amazing town of ?eský Krumlov, and of course the famous town of Plzen, once Pilsen, where some claim beer was invented.

We also have dates for the new French Championnat des Alpes at Aix Les Bains in early April, the Campionato Italiano back at marvellous Santa Margherita Ligure before the Europeans, and the GB National Championships in England's picturesque Lake District in mid August. The Austrian fleet have events in every beauty spot in their country, but are especially hoping that travelling sailors will join their event at UYC Wolfgangsee the weekend before the Lipno Gold Cup. Those who did the easy 2-hour drive the other way in 2018 all reminisce about a truly memorable sailing holiday.

Many sailors in 2018 visited D-One regattas in other countries, often as part of travel to the major championships or just to make a good holiday. We hope that this will continue, and every event has a contact address you can use to find out anything you need to plan your trip. The circuit we have for 2020 enables those who are really keen to spend most of the summer travelling to sail with friends in great locations, and we hope that many of our friends will take the opportunity to enjoy some great trips.

For details of all these events click the event name (in the panel to the right of this article).  Others events will be added as they are confirmed. Please keep looking at and for updates. If anyone has any events they wish to add to the calendar then please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

..with Training (optional...)

For those who cannot wait for their sun and sailing, Stefan Hess is organising several weeks of winter training at Palamos in Spain. Stefan is a very experienced Olympic coach, an active D-One sailor and a great person to spend a week with. Click the Winter Training link to see the dates and options.

....and charter boats will be available

We are delighted to confirm that Devoti srl will once again be offering and supporting up to four charter boats for the international events. First reserved, first served, but this is a very good way to join in without too much time travelling, or to bring your friends to try it out without buying a boat first. Why not invite a friend? Please contact Viktor Teply on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and to reserve your charter boat.

Please do send us details of any more events you are aware of and want to support, and please share this information with anyone who may be interested.

Happy Christmas - buon Natale -  Frohe Weihnachten - 
Boldog Karácsonyt - veselé Vánoce - joyeux Noel

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