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International Price List 2014

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Suntouched Sailboats - D-One quote request form      
    €uros €uros
Quantity   price each Total
1 Devoti-One comprising € 10,400.00 € 10,400.00
  Fully fitted hull (Harken) built with extensive use of carbon fibre, using foam construction    
  from CNC mould, wings adjustable for weight equalisation when racing.    
  All fittings including control lines.    
  Rudder and daggerboard, 2 piece carbon mast, carbon boom and pole    
  fully battened North main sail 11,4 sqm, North Gennaker (Dynakote 75) 13,2 sqm    
  Complete and ready to sail    
0 Cental laminated foot rib on the floor Carbon. € 150.00 € 0.00
0 TackTick T060 Micro Compass € 260.00 € 0.00
0 Special deck/hull colours € 300.00 € 0.00
0 Tapered Dyneema gennaker sheet € 100.00 € 0.00
0 Upgrade of floor to 3M non slip floor € 70.00 € 0.00
0 Carbon tiller extension upgrade € 50.00 € 0.00
0 Galvanized Steel Launching trolley ( suitable for road trailer) € 320.00 € 0.00
0 Anodised aluminium Launching trolley ( suitable for road trailer) € 450.00 € 0.00
0 Devoti-One pvc transport top cover € 170.00 € 0.00
0 Devoti-One pvc transport undercover € 170.00 € 0.00
0 Devoti-One regatta top cover € 300.00 € 0.00
0 Devoti-One padded rudder bag € 65.00 € 0.00
0 Devoti-One padded daggerboard bag € 65.00 € 0.00
0 Devoti-One padded rudderstock+tiller bag € 55.00 € 0.00
0 Devoti-One padded wing covers - pair € 170.00 € 0.00
0 Devoti-One mast padded cover € 140.00 € 0.00
0 UV mast cover € 50.00 € 0.00
0 Devoti-One boom cover € 65.00 € 0.00
0 Shrink-wrap packing (obligatory if not collected personally) € 60.00 € 0.00
  Sub total   € 10,400.00
  Special accessories discount for whole covers package   € 0.00
  Total net of VAT (ex works Poland)   € 10,400.00
  (Freight to be added at cost. Ask for quote!)   € 0.00
0 VAT for EU customer orders please insert '1' in column A 20.00% € 0.00
  Total €uros price including VAT   € 10,400.00
  £ Sterling payments can be accepted at the NatWest 'sells to you at' rate on the date of payment. Click below for rate.    
Colours: Hull in white and deck in white as standard.    
Hull white - other colours are available on request - additional 300 €uros    
Deck options white - other colours are available on request - additional 300 €uros    
Floor white or light grey    
Wings white or light grey    
Gennaker white, light blue, dark blue, red    
Customer details      
I confirm that by paying the required deposit I accept the terms-of-business of Suntouched Sailboats Limited    

Welcome to the home of the International D One Class Association where you will be able to find all the latest news & chat about this exciting single hander from Devoti Sailing.

The D-One is an exhilarating and rewarding single-hander that provides close tactical racing upwind, combined with the fun of asymmetric performance.

Designed by Phil Morrison and using the best materials and technology available to provide a unique sailing experience, the Devoti-one is built using carbon foam construction in CNC moulds, giving a stiff light hull. The carbon mast, boom and bow sprit maintain quality throughout and the boat has been extensively tested by a team of top sailors to make sure it is a winner.

Upwind the D-One is powered by a large 11.5 sq.m. fully battened main sail that has enough power to be hiking early but easy to keep control when it gets fresher. Downwind, using the 13.2 sq.m. gennaker, the boat is stable and easily driven with plenty of power to the highly manoeuvrable and lightweight hull.

From the leading builders of the Olympic Finn, the D-One has become an international success and there is an exciting international regatta programme!

uk-small The UK D-ONE fleet returned from the Italian Tour to Castle Cove Sailing Club for the UK National Championships and enjoyed an excellent event as a separate class within Weymouth Regatta, along with a great turnout of 109 local and visiting boats. 
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SUI: D-ONE Class Association

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The SUI D-ONE class operates through the D-ONE International Class Association.

Each country has a representative on the international committee and the member for SUI is listed above

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