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Interview with Luca Devoti

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The 32nd America's Cup was over, and I had failed.

My idea of 'changing the game' to give superb young olympic athletest the chance to win [with +39 Challenge -ed] had been crushed against greed, money, and bad fortune. My formerly Olympic-honed body was now fat like a balloon having worked my ass off for two years to follow my dream with +39, and it was a complete mess. The boat impounded, my friends within the team almost lost, and the only mast we had was broken by a blind Team Germany while I was egging for money in Sicily for the LV Cup. It ended when Percy and the lads grabbed us a 1:20 lead over the Spanish and the jib sheets broke - we did not even have the money for decent sheets.

It was all over, and this time forever.

No comeback like my medal in magic Sydney in the Finn after a disastrous Games in Savannah. No comeback at all. I can say now that I was depressed...what to do?

Go sailing was the only answer my mind gave me, but since I'd stopped in 2002 after a fiery match race with Ainslie in the last race of the Finn Europeans, sailing had, in my mind, gone mad. More and more masochism, more and more rules, and less and less fun.

So I went back to my yard, where my partner and CEO of Devoti Sailing had been working like crazy to keep it all together while I madly followed insane AC dreams. The yard was like a Swiss watch, they picked me up at the airport, happy to see me back, and we shared a bottle of good red wine - maybe more.
luca devoti
We talked about a new boat - a seaworthy singlehander that was easy, fast, and fun, and we started working. I went back to Valencia and a few months later, Roman handed me the keys to the first D-One prototype for sail testing. When I sailed the boat for the first time (using a Finn mast with runners to keep the rig in the boat), I felt happy like a small child. It was never about making money - it was therapy and a new challenge - getting a Class going where you could make friends like in the old days, away from protest rooms and 7-hour days on the water. A beer after the race would be natural again instead of heading to the gym or to bed...
Sailing for fun again, my life changed. One day, I was sailing in light air off Valencia, and the mainsheet popped out of the cleat. I fell in the water and the boat capsized, and with the main stuck between the runners and me at 120 kg and tired as hell, I couldn't get back in the boat. It kept tacking and falling over on me, and as I laughed exhaustedly, I began to get a bit worried. An America's Cup skipper and silver medal winner drowning in a force 2 during a hot Valencia summer day - the thought that this might be the end of me just made me laugh harder as I tired even more.
Just then, I heard a small motor and looked up to see a RIB with a pitying Optimist coach looking at me, desperately hanging on. "Do you need help? You shouldn't be out here if you don't know how to sail..." He pulled me onto his RIB and sailed my D-One back to the dock. It was an ignominous beginning to the D-One, but since then, how things have changed! Despite the economic crisis, orders keep popping in, even on your side of the pond. We had 22 enthusiasts from 70-100 kg racing ten days ago, and by the end of June, we will see more than 30 on Lake Garda. In October at our Gold Cup we'll see 50 or more. We have a smaller rig almost ready, and Roman is working non-stop to pop boats out after basically redesigning most of it...I thank him for that!
This time, no crooked man will stop my dream from becoming reality, and just the other day I became sure of it. In Bracciano, I sat under an olive tree at the Yacht Club watching some D-One racing. In a nice Force 4, I saw 22 colorful gennakers flying downwind, and I must say I got a bit emotional. I went to the bar and ordered a stiff double whiskey, and that night, I talked with all of my D-One friends, just like in the good old days when my nickname was... Mad Luca
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Class Rules

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The D–ONE has been created as a one design racing dinghy where the true test is between helms and not boats and equipment. The fundamental objective of these class rules is to ensure that this concept is maintained. 


Please download the attached document as listed below.




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Class Constitution

The International D-ONE Association Constitution D1.2

1.       General

1.1     The full title will be the International D-ONE Association (IDA).

1.2     The objectives of IDA shall be:

(a)     To promote International Racing of the Devoti D-ONE Class.

(b)     To maintain the One-Design character of Devoti D-ONE Class.

(c)     To publish the Devoti D-ONE class rules.

(d)     To co-ordinate the activities of National D-ONE Class Associations.

(e)     To maintain close co-operation with National Authorities, National D-ONE Class Associations.

2.       Membership

2.1     Membership of the IDA shall be open to anyone interested in D-ONE sailing, upon payment of the subscription fee.

2.2     There shall be three types of membership, Honorary, Full and Temporary.

2.3     Only Honorary and Full members shall be eligible to compete in events organized by the IDA, which run for a duration of greater than 2 days.

2.4     All Honorary and Full members of the IDA shall be eligible to vote on matters relating to the IDA and class rules.

2.5     Honorary Membership

(a)     The IDA Committee may propose honorary membership to individuals or organisations . The individual or organization will be granted the privileges of Honorary membership from time of proposal.

(b)     Any Honorary membership proposed during a year must be ratified at the next AGM. Failure to get a majority approval at the AGM will result in the offer of Honorary membership being rescinded.

(c)     The IDA committee may propose to rescind Honorary membership from an individual or organization subject to ratification at an AGM.

2.6     Temporary Membership

(a)     Temporary Membership shall only be valid for a single event with a maximum duration of 2 days.

(b)     Temporary members shall not be eligible to vote on matters relating to the IDA and class rules.

2.7     Only members of the IDA shall eligible to be awarded prizes/trophies for an event organized by the IDA.

2.8     A register of IDA members will be maintained.

3.       National Class Associations

3.1     A National D-ONE Class Association (NCA) is deemed to exist when a group of 10 or more IDA members request the IDA to be recognized as a NCA.

3.2     There shall only be one NCA per country.

3.3     All full members of an IDA recognized NCA shall automatically be full members of the IDA.

3.4     The NCA shall pay the full membership fee agreed at the AGM to the IDA for each of their members annually.


4.1     The Association’s subscription year will run from 1st January to 31st December and annual subscriptions for full membership will become due on the 1st January of each year. Where members join after 31th October, their subscription will cover the whole of the following year.

4.2     The level of IDA subscriptions shall be decided at the AGM for the following year to cover:

(a)     Full membership. Including contribution from NCA

(b)     Temporary membership

4.3     Any member who has not paid their subscription by 1st June will be deemed to have resigned their membership.

4.5     Where no national class association (NCA) is present, the member shall pay their annual subscription to the IDA.

4.6     The IDA membership application form and current subscription fees in force shall be published on the IDA website.


5.1     The affairs of the IDA will be managed by the Management Committee (Committee), subject to the provisions within this Constitution to the objectives of the Association.

5.2     The Committee will be elected from members of the Association through the AGM or annual class survey and will consist of the following officers and members:

(a)     Chairman

(b)     Vice Chairman

(c)     Honorary Secretary

(d)     Honorary Treasurer

(e)     Communications Officer

(f)      Technical Officer

(g)     No less than three and no more than nine General Committee members

(h)     One representative from each region (as defined by the Committee)

5.3     The licensed builder will be entitled to appoint a non-voting member to the Committee, as his representative.

5.4     The Committee may also co-opt other non-voting members to the Committee, whether a full member of the Association or not.

5.5     At least 3 weeks notice of the date, place and agenda for any Committee Meeting will be given in writing by the Secretary.

5.6     Any business conducted by correspondence will be circulated through the Secretary, or the Secretary’s nominee, by post or e-mail. A Committee Member not answering a motion communicated to them in writing within 3 weeks of the date of sending (or other date notified in the correspondence) will be deemed to have abstained from the motion.

5.7     At meetings of the Committee, 4 of the elected members will form the minimum number for a quorum.

5.8     The Committee shall make recommendations to full members in a General Meeting, or by post/email, for alteration or addition to the Class Rules.


6.1     The IDA will be funded through subscriptions, surplus income from events and any other revenue negotiated by the Committee.

6.2     The Committee will ensure that accurate records are maintained, covering:

(a)     All monies received and expended by the IDA and the reason for such receipts and expenditure.

(b)     All monies, assets and liabilities of the IDA.

(c)     Minutes of Meetings.

6.3     Any NCA, which has not remitted its annual fees, may cease to be recognized by the IDA. Reinstatement to the list of recognised NCA's would be at the discretion of the Committee after payment of amounts due.

6.4     An Annual Financial Statement will be prepared for the 12 months to 31st December and will be presented at the AGM or distributed annually.


7.1     The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association will be held annually at a place, date and time determined by the Committee.

7.2     A Special General Meeting may be called by the Committee or upon receipt by the Secretary of a written request signed by no fewer than 15 full members of the Association.

7.3     At least six weeks’ notice will be given to members of any General Meeting.

7.4     At General Meetings, decisions will be limited to matters on the agenda.

7.5     Voting will be at the AGM or another method open to all members. The voting results will be carried by majority 60/40 of all members who respond. The Secretary will be responsible for minuting the results of voting. These results will be published on the class website.

8.       CLASS RULES

8.1     The D-ONE Class Rules are those approved and published by IDA.

8.2     The Class rules may be amended or “interpreted” by an NCA, as long as:

(a)     They do not threaten the spirit of the ‘One-Design’ principle

(b)     any NCA amendments or interpretations of published D-ONE class rule shall be published in Notice of Race at least 1 month prior to the event.

8.3     The IDA shall be responsible for maintaining the One-Design character of the D-ONE and will report on any matter that may appear to violate or threaten the spirit of the Class Rules.

8.4     The Committee will appoint a Class Measurer(s) from the Committee to:

(a)     Advise on any technical matters relevant to the Class.

(b)     Ensure that the One Design control of the Class is properly exercised by the builders and suppliers in accordance with the Manufacturing specifications and Handbook.

(c)     Investigate any query by a boat owner regarding the one design or specification of the boat, and to report to the Committee on the outcome.

(d)     Consult with the builders on any development of the boat or equipment deemed to be desirable as a result of sailing experience and/or improvements to build method.

(e)     Ensure that boats used in major championships and regattas comply with the Class Rules.

8.5     Any changes to the Class Rules affecting the manufacture of the D-ONE may only be approved after consultation with and agreement of the builder.


9.1     A member may be suspended or removed from membership by the Committee only after a hearing, where the individual will be provided with a fair opportunity to present details relating to the matter, prior to the Committee making its decision.

9.2     A member may be suspended or removed for the following reasons:

          Committing an unlawful act in relation to the IDA or one of its members,


          any unsportsmanlike conduct or anti-social behaviour, contrary to the interests of the members of the IDA,


          intentional violation of this Constitution or the Class Rules.

9.3     A suspended member will not be entitled to the return of any or part of their subscription in respect of the period for which they are suspended or removed from membership.


10.1   Amendments to this Constitution may be made at an AGM, a Special General Meeting or, by the Management Committee. However, amendments to the Constitution will only become valid following confirmation at an AGM, at a Special General Meeting or another method open to all members.


11.1   In the execution of their responsibilities under this constitution, Committee members will not be liable for any loss to members or former members or to the assets of the Association, by reason of any mistake or omission made in good faith by them or any other officer or member of the Committee or for any other matter other than wilful and individual wrong doing, omission or fraud on the part of the person who is sought to be made liable.

11.2   The Association may be dissolved by a resolution passed by a two-thirds majority of those full members present at a Special General Meeting convened for this purpose. The resolution may include proposals for the disposal of any assets held by or in the name of the Association, following the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities. Such assets will not be paid to or distributed among the members, but given or transferred to such other charitable organisations or institutions having objects similar to some or all of those of the Association, as the members may determine.

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International Price List 2014

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Suntouched Sailboats - D-One quote request form      
    €uros €uros
Quantity   price each Total
1 Devoti-One comprising € 10,400.00 € 10,400.00
  Fully fitted hull (Harken) built with extensive use of carbon fibre, using foam construction    
  from CNC mould, wings adjustable for weight equalisation when racing.    
  All fittings including control lines.    
  Rudder and daggerboard, 2 piece carbon mast, carbon boom and pole    
  fully battened North main sail 11,4 sqm, North Gennaker (Dynakote 75) 13,2 sqm    
  Complete and ready to sail    
0 Cental laminated foot rib on the floor Carbon. € 150.00 € 0.00
0 TackTick T060 Micro Compass € 260.00 € 0.00
0 Special deck/hull colours € 300.00 € 0.00
0 Tapered Dyneema gennaker sheet € 100.00 € 0.00
0 Upgrade of floor to 3M non slip floor € 70.00 € 0.00
0 Carbon tiller extension upgrade € 50.00 € 0.00
0 Galvanized Steel Launching trolley ( suitable for road trailer) € 320.00 € 0.00
0 Anodised aluminium Launching trolley ( suitable for road trailer) € 450.00 € 0.00
0 Devoti-One pvc transport top cover € 170.00 € 0.00
0 Devoti-One pvc transport undercover € 170.00 € 0.00
0 Devoti-One regatta top cover € 300.00 € 0.00
0 Devoti-One padded rudder bag € 65.00 € 0.00
0 Devoti-One padded daggerboard bag € 65.00 € 0.00
0 Devoti-One padded rudderstock+tiller bag € 55.00 € 0.00
0 Devoti-One padded wing covers - pair € 170.00 € 0.00
0 Devoti-One mast padded cover € 140.00 € 0.00
0 UV mast cover € 50.00 € 0.00
0 Devoti-One boom cover € 65.00 € 0.00
0 Shrink-wrap packing (obligatory if not collected personally) € 60.00 € 0.00
  Sub total   € 10,400.00
  Special accessories discount for whole covers package   € 0.00
  Total net of VAT (ex works Poland)   € 10,400.00
  (Freight to be added at cost. Ask for quote!)   € 0.00
0 VAT for EU customer orders please insert '1' in column A 20.00% € 0.00
  Total €uros price including VAT   € 10,400.00
  £ Sterling payments can be accepted at the NatWest 'sells to you at' rate on the date of payment. Click below for rate.    
Colours: Hull in white and deck in white as standard.    
Hull white - other colours are available on request - additional 300 €uros    
Deck options white - other colours are available on request - additional 300 €uros    
Floor white or light grey    
Wings white or light grey    
Gennaker white, light blue, dark blue, red    
Customer details      
I confirm that by paying the required deposit I accept the terms-of-business of Suntouched Sailboats Limited    
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