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European Results Archive

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2019 - Yacht Club Bielersee - Biel, Switzerland

Trophy 32Viktor Teply (CZE) Olympic Medal Silver 32Marek Bachtik (CZE) Olympic Medal Bronze 32Stefan Hess AUT) 4th: Nick Crickmore (GBR) 5th: Piotr Machel (POL)


2018 - Lega Navale Italiana - Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy

Trophy 32Giles Chipperfield (GBR) Olympic Medal Silver 32Viktor Teply (CZE) Olympic Medal Bronze 32Alessandro Novi (ITA) 4th: Enrico Ciferri (ITA) 5th: Jörg Deimling (AUT)


2017 - Circolo Nautico al Mare (Alassio), Italy

Trophy 32Nick Craig (GBR) Olympic Medal Silver 32Giles Chipperfield (GBR) Olympic Medal Bronze 32Marek Bachtik (CZE) 4th: Enrico Ciferri (ITA) 5th: Chris Sallis (GBR)


2016 - Kemp Jestrabi (Lake Lipno), Czech Republic

Trophy 32Tomai Balazs (HUN)  Olympic Medal Silver 32Petr Fiala (CZE) Olympic Medal Bronze 32Tamas Szamody (HUN) 4th: Humphrey Carter (GBR) 5th: Giles Chipperfield (GBR)


2015 - Fraglia Vela Riva (Lake Garda), Italy

Trophy 32Nick Craig (GBR)  Olympic Medal Silver 32Viktor Teply (CZE) Olympic Medal Bronze 32Mario Rabbo (ITA) 4th: Damid Duterte Vielle (FRA) 5th: Humphrey Carter (GBR)


2014 - Brightlingsea Yacht Club, Great Britain

Trophy 32Nick Craig (GBR)  Olympic Medal Silver 32Petr Fiala (CZE) Olympic Medal Bronze 32Humphrey Carter (GBR) 4th: Nick Simmons (GBR) 5th: Marek Bachtik (CZE)


2013 - Campione Unavela (Lake Garda), Italy

Trophy 32Nick Craig (GBR)  Olympic Medal Silver 32Petr Fiala (CZE) Olympic Medal Bronze 32Alessadro Novi (ITA) 4th: Riccardo Pontremoli (ITA) 5th: Paolo Rossi (ITA)
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International Sponsors

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We would like to thank the following International sponsors.


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Phil Morrison

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Those who know him will appreciate that Luca had very definite ideas about what he wanted when he approached me to design a hull for the new Devoti single handed project. He wanted something light, fast and "sexy" with impeccable handling. He was most emphatic that it shoud be capable of being sailed hard in strong winds like his beloved Finn. Luca also insisted that the hull should be reasonably stable and be capable of being carried on a car roof; hence the removable sitting out "wings" with their comfortable ergonomic profile derived from many years of Finn sailing. All these requirements plus the rig and daggerboard requirements pretty well determined the overall size and weight of the hull.
For my part I had to use my experience to produce a fine easily driven hull shape which would give a smooth performance envelope across the wind range with a lively but manageable "feel". The kind of boat that an experienced sailor will enjoy "encouraging" and "coaxing" over the waves, not a "point and go" boat. Consequently the hull shape is not extreme but rather a blend of modern ideas with more traditional values.
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The Boat

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The boat

D oneThe hull was designed by Phil Morrison using the best materials and technology available to provide a unique sailing experience, the Devoti-One is built using carbon fibre and foam, constructed in CNC moulds, giving a stiff light hull. The carbon mast, boom and bow sprit maintain quality throughout and the boat has been extensively tested by a team of top sailors to make sure it’s a winner. 

Upwind the Devoti-One is powered by a large 11.5 m² fully battened main sail that has enough power to be hiking early but is easy to keep control of when it gets fresher. Downwind, using the 13.2 m² gennaker, the boat is stable and easily driven with plenty of power available to the highly manoeuvrable and lightweight hull.

From the leading builders of the Olympic Finn, the Devoti-One has quickly gained international success.


 IMG 9798 MG 0005
Additional data


SailSmallStandard   Hull 
Main 9.5 m2 11.5 m2         LOA 4.23 m
Gennaker 13.2 m2  13.2 m2   Beam  2.31 m
Total 24.7 m2  22.7 m2   Weight 75 kg
Suitable for 55 - 75 kg sailor 75 - 115 kg sailor      






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