2013 AGM Minutes

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2013 D One International Class Association (ICA) AGM minutes

Attersee Yacht Club, Austria

13 September 2013

Meeting chaired by: Jon Hammond, GBR, acting International Class Secretary

Minutes by: Charlie Chandler, GBR

Number of sailors present: 27

1. Apologies:

    1. Tim Garvin, GBR
    2. Rodney Cobb, GBR

2. International Class Association Constitution:

The draft Constitution document was circulated to sailors before the event and a paper copy was available to read by the sailors before the AGM.

Several small amendments were proposed by sailors present. These amendments were generally spelling or grammar mistakes, but also amended the Constitution to allow proxy voting to allow a larger sample of the class to vote on matters.

There was discussion on what the ‘majority’ vote should be to allow any rule changes to be passed. Charlie Chandler, GBR, proposed 60%of those that voted as being the minimum majority required to pass any changes. This was seconded by Jon Hammond, GBR. The sailors present voted on this proposed majority, all agreed - AGREED.

The amended Constitution was then proposed by Dave Gorringe, GBR, and seconded by Nick Craig, GBR. When the sailors voted, all were in favour of the proposed Constitution - AGREED.

The Constitution document will be amended to reflect the changes agreed and will be circulated to all sailors and displayed on the new International Class Association website.

3. Honouree Class Association Members:

As part of the formation of the official International Class Association Jon Hammond, GBR, proposed the following Honouree Members, seconded by Charlie Chandler, GBR:

  1.  Phil Morrison – designer
  2.  Luca Devoti – Devoti Sailing
  3.  Roman Teply – Devoti Sailing
  4.  Martin Sova – Devoti Sailing


The sailors present all agreed with the proposed Honouree Members - AGREED.


4. Class Association Committee Members:

The following Class Association Officers were elected by the sailors present:

  1.  Chairman: Luca Devoti, Devoti Sailing
  2.  Vice Chair: Martin XXXX, Devoti Sailing
  3.  Hon. Secretary: Jon Hammond, GBR
  4.  Hon. Treasurer: Nick Craig, GBR
  5.  Communications Officer: Mike Korneszczuk


General committee members:

  1. Florian Raudaschl – AUT
  2. Matteo Iula – ITA
  3. Marek Bachtik – CZE


5. Sails:

The price of D One sails was raised by the sailors present at the European Championships at Campione, Garda, earlier in 2013.

It has been reported that North Sails are to raise their prices further for 2014.

The GBR class association have been investigating if there is the possibility of a group buy discount if say 5 or more suits of sails were bought at one time. North Sails are not able to offer this discount but the GBR supplier, Suntouched Sailboats, are able to offer a 15% discount on a group buy this winter. North Sails will not be offering winter discount this winter.

There was a long discussion between the sailors present. The following key points were raised:

  • The current sailors enjoy there being no need to measure sails when arriving at an event. This makes the events more fun.
  • Sailors want to avoid cheque book sailing.
  • Currently there are two sail maker producing sails for the D One – Hyde and North Sails. Both manufacturers produce a slightly different shape of sail. Despite this there seems to be little or no performance benefit of either manufacturer.
  • The current sail designs are owned by North sails and Hyde, not Devoti Sailing.
  • In the UK, several of the biggest classes allow multiple sail makers. This creates extra interest in the class and each sail maker helps promote the class through promoting their own product.
  • Most sailors present bought the boat for fun but competitive close one design racing but with a product at a reasonable price. Many feel that the North Sails prices are too high for the product offered.
  • Within AUT, ITA and the GBR there have been sail makers enquiring about making D One sails. This could lead to extra boat sails.
  • It was raised that most classes within GBR that have multiple sail makers use ‘in-house certification’ which is where the sail maker measures and approves his own sails. Different classes ensure that the sail makers are sticking to the rules in different ways. There are two main options:
    • 1. all sails are measured at every class championship;
    • 2. a random sample of sails are selected at championships where key measurements are checked. This is generally the quicker method but still maintains a high level of rule observance.

Following the long discussion the following four proposals were put forward by the sailors:

Option 1 – The class have a set design produced. The manufacturing rights are then let through a competitive tender process. The tender process is re-run at regular intervals to ensure the best value is achieved.

Option 2 – The class moves to completely open rules allowing any sail maker to make a sail to a loose set of rules.

Option 3 – The class moves to multiple sail makers but where the sail makers have to first organise a license or similar with Devoti Sailing and the manufacturing tolerances are minimal.

Option 4 – The class does nothing and remains with the two current manufacturers, North Sails and Hyde.

The class voted on the four proposals above and the results were as follows:

Option 1:   3 sailors for.

Option 2:   3 sailors for.

Option 3:   19 sailors for.

Option 4:   1 sailor for.

One sailor did not vote for any of the four proposals above. Total sailors present: 27.


The sailors present voted that in principal they would like to see the sails being manufactured by more sail makers, but in a tightly controlled manner.

A technical committee was formed. The technical committee are to draft a set of rules that meet the proposal agreed by the sailors present – Option 3.

The technical committee are to report back to the International Class association with their proposed rules by 15 October 2013.

The draft rules will then be circulated to all members of the International Class Association for a vote November/December 2013.

The technical committee consists of the following sailors:

  1. Roman Teply – Devoti Sailing
  2. Paco Rebaudi – ITA
  3. Charlie Chandler – GBR
  4. Florian Raudaschl – AUT


6. Any Other Business (AOB):

Future international events: The following international venues are proposed:

2014 Europeans – Brightlingsea Sailing Club, GBR – June 2014

2014 Gold Cup – Allassio, ITA – October 2014

2015 Europeans – TBC

2015 Gold Cup – Valencia, ESP

2016 Europeans – TBC

2016 Gold Cup – Poland


No further business was raised. The meeting was closed.

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