2018 Czech Open Nationals

IMG 0350Lake Lipno, Czech Republic 25-26 June

The D-one is very active in Europe, and this year we decided to make life easier by holding events on consecutive weekends so that travellers can get two for the price of one journey.

With the record-breaking Gold Cup happening next week in St Gilgen, Austria, last weekend saw the fleet gather just across the border in Lipno, Czech Republic. 17 boats from the Czech, Austrian, and British fleets enjoyed a fantastic weekend alongside the Compotech Cat Championship.

Impeccable race management gave us seven races in a warm 5-15 knot wind, with copious food and drink ashore in a beautiful setting. As with all good lake sailing, the continuous shifts and puffs meant that everyone could have a moment of glory, usually shortly followed by a period of ignominy. Most races ended with 3-4 boats overlapped, with one memorable finish of 8 overlapped D-Ones making the line look a little short.

Worthy Champion was Viktor Teply, Czech Laser representative at the Rio Olympics, closely followed by Giles Chipperfield then Jakub Hucek.

Lipno proved once again to be a marvellous place to sail, a spectacular area to visit and offered a very very warm Czech welcome. We will certainly be back, but next up ….the Gold Cup on the Wolfgangsee near Salzburg. Now doesn’t that sound like a good trip?

All photos copyright Adela Cerna, Kemp Jestrabi

 lipno evening 2018


Viktor Teply, CZE
Giles Chipperfield, GBR
Jacub Hucek, CZE
Ken Ward, GBR
Felix Hofinger, AUT
Jorg Deimling, AUT
Tyler Harmsworth, GBR
Fritz Heigerer, AUT
Nick Crickmore, GBR
Rene Sehnal, CZE
Steve Gray, GBR
Toni Eigenstuhler, AUT
Matthies Bockl, AUT
Georg Schofegger, AUT
Libor Hosek, CZE
Vanessa Weedon-Jones, GBR
Gerald Hurban, AUT