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34 Criterium Invernale Rapallo

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DSC_0339.JPGRapallo,24-25 October 2015.

 A wonderful event at the foot of the promontory of Portofino, in one of the most beautiful in the world, which is definitely worth a visit before or after the races.

The organization of the Club Nautico Rapallo has been busy at most to do well and accommodate 116 boats divided into nine classes, 420 - Fireball - Laser - Laser Radial - Laser 4.7 - Dinghy - Finn - Equipe - D-One.

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Everything worked although you can always improve, and the organizers are already thinking about the next edition  and make this classic more and more important and beautiful. One great absence of these days was the wind, which made you sweat the organizers, the Committee and in particular competitors forced to wait long in the calm fortunately with a mild climate and pleasant.
The class D-One, for the first time invited to this event, did not disappoint the expectations and responded with a beautiful fleet of 15 boats and a very high level.

First of all a big thanks and applause goes to Giles Chipperfield from England brought his boat and his qualities in our waters, Tamas, Gyula and Geza from Hungary who came to confront us together and will continue winter training in Genoa, the likeable Swiss Andreas and the Monegasque Fernando, almost more Italian; to them in particular the thanks of the Italian fleet  for participating in this event with the hope of finding them with more friends next year.
On Saturday the wind was by now weak although with sunshine and temperatures exceptional, slightly south on 4.7 knots allowed to make a difficult test, very tactical and reduced properly on the second lap, won by Michele Mennuti, Tamas szamody second and third Mario Rabbo. Ended the day all the competitors gathered at the gala dinner offered in the famous disco Covo of North East, where the alcohol has entertained everyone as you can see from the picture and continue the evening on the track!

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Sunday the weather looked like those of the previous day but after a long wait in the sun in the early afternoon a slight wind lies down in the Gulf, and did play a very complete test technique with some falling and wind shift, won by Mario Rabbo, Tamas szamody second and third Michele Mennuti.

Trailed all ground the demonstration ended with only two trials of low wind and with a crowded ceremony that included the extraction of a moped and other important awards where our class has been less fortunate.
The ranking then saw a podium high-level, all three level on points and too good for that regulation saw dominate Mario Rabbo, second and third Tamas Michael Mennuti szamody.
For class D-One was still a great success both in attendance that despite advertising as the little wind the boats have proven to be fast and still enjoying the show of interest among other participants and spectators. The decision to participate in events with other classes seem to work and we are confident that will soon bear fruit.

Finally, a big thank you to the Yacht Club Rapallo and all the people that make it up, for the wonderful hospitality and constant commitment in wanting to create an event of this magnitude.
Next year with even more d-one!

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