2023 Gold Cup - Traunseewoche, AUT

International D-One Events
18.05.2023 11:00 - 21.05.2023 18:00
Giles Chipperfield


1Host Club: Segelclub Altmünster

Venue: Lake Traunsee

For the first time the D-One Gold Cup will be part of the well known international event "Traunseewoche" on the beautiful lake Traunsee in Upper Austria.

The Traunsee-week is the biggest sailing-event taking place on a lake in Europe. 2019 it was the 16th Traunseewoche taking place on Traunsee in a row and there were in sum more than 650 participants in 20 boat-classes competing in class-races, national championships, match-racing and the European championship of the Yngling class. The boat-classes are distributed over the 5 Sailing clubs located at Traunsee, Segelclub Altmünster, Segelclub Ebensee, ASKÖ Gmunden Segeln, Union Yacht Club Traunsee and Segelclub Traunkirchen.

Besides beautiful and competitive sailing the social highlight is the common dinner at the Seeschloß Orth for all competitors including live-music and party. The Seeschoß Orth was first mentioned in 990 AC and finally re-build in 1626, it is located on a small island in the bay of Gmunden and accessible over a 100meter long wooden bridge.

Traunsee, similar as Attersee and Wolfgangsee, is located at the border region of the northern Alps. Idyllically situated between Traunstein and the Höllengebirge there are mainly thermal winds with up to 4 Bfd. Alike Lago di Garda in Italy there is a morning breeze coming from south followed by a northern wind starting early afternoon until evenings.


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