dave miningSunday gave the competitors blazing hot sunshine at 8am onward ensuring the Sea breeze would show its face earlier on in the day....11am to be precise and this gave plenty of breeze to work with.

Race 4, belonged to Chipperfield again, with Garvin chasing close for the whole race, finishing 30 seconds behind him on the line. Brooks and Birbeck following on after.

Race 5, Chipperfield found some amazing speed in the ever increasing breeze, Garvin 2nd, Gorringe 3rd.

Race 6, By now the Sea Breeze had built to a respectable speed and it was beginning to look like "survival" conditions. Gorringe was unstoppable in the heavy breeze and rarely got bothered at all during the race. Garvin was chasing for 2nd again while the others took a few dives in the bigger waves and wind.

On the last downwind leg Garvin bore off round the windward mark and was waiting for the right moment to hoist the kite in the gusts and waves. Turned around to see Chipperfield, nailing the bare off and hoisting immediately. A screaming downwind leg ensued with the lighter Chipperfield eating into Garvin's lead.

At the leeward mark Garvin dropped early to tack around safely in the strong breeze, while Chipperfield managed a gybe, but tipped it at the last second, to ease the pressure a bit.

Gorringe repeating his favourite trick of "saving the last race of the series for 1st place performance" came 1st, Garvin 2nd, Chipperfield 3rd.

The D-One is capable of holding a wide range of crew weight, and wherever the fleet goes, the racing is extremely tight and exciting. The different wind strengths at this regatta showed how versatile these boats are, and the racing was fantastic.

Next event is Lake Garda Italy, for the Gold Cup.