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 Riva del Garda, 4-6 September 2015.


It ended last weekend the European Championship class "D-One", valid for the Italian crews as Italian Championship, organized by Fraglia Vela Riva del Garda.

23 boats at the start, with six different nations, where stand the multi-world champion, the Englishman Nick Craig, the world bronze Italian Mario Rabbo and Czech Viktor Teply, Olympic in London in the Laser class.

It starts Friday 4th, with a wind from the south "Now" on 10-15 knots and the race course is located slightly further south than the canons of Riva del Garda.

Two races, and the overwhelming power of Craig that cuts the finish line first in both, followed generally by Rabbo (3-2) and the young Trieste Alessandro Marega (6-3).

In the morning of Saturday 5, the rain is the host, but soon gives way to a bright sun and a "Peler" from the north 10-12 knots, but we are in the center of a disturbance and anything can happen.

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The staff of the Guild, positions the windward mark between Riva and Arco Lido and part.

Big sweep French Damis Duterte Vielle, who placed two first places that they do move into third place overall. Craig maintains the lead, 3-11 today, and according to the partial Rabbo 2-12.

In the late afternoon, a violent storm back to lord sul Garda, creating several problems for vessel engaged in the historic regatta "Centomiglia".

Sunday morning last day with a vigorous "Peler" and especially a very cold with the presence of the first snow in the mountains surrounding the Garda Trentino.

The race course is located near the Lombardy side, where the wind is about 16-18 knots, gusting over 20. The last two races, with the introduction of the gap (elimination of the worst finish of the series).

Respective victories for the Czech Teply (1-2) and Craig (2-1).

Nick Craig, proves the absolute top of the class "Q-One" winning yet another title, followed by Vicktor Teply and Mario Rabbo, (6-4) the partial on Sunday, confirming the top class after the bronze in the World end


For the Italian league victory of Mario Rabbo, followed by Alessandro Marega sixth overall and by Francesco Gabbi, eighth overall.

Needless to emphasize the perfect organizational machine of Fraglia Vela Riva in which we express our sincere thanks for allowing the holding of an excellent race from every point of view.

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